Rotational Controls

Grayhill is the leading manufacturer of Single-Deck Rotary Switches and Multi-Deck Rotary Switches with extremely rugged construction and virtually limitless configurations. Many of our rotary switches are MIL-qualified to exacting electrical, mechanical, and environmental standards. We offer many options: isolated positions, spring returns, adjustable stops, concentric shaft switches, and configurable keylock switches. 

Grayhill's Touch EncoderTM combines the functionalities of a touchscreen, a keypad, and a rotary switch into one. The device supports USB or CAN J1939 communication. Furthermore, it is IP67 sealed and has an impact-resistant design. The vivid display comes with a 320x300 high resolution. The encoder is built to withstand at least 1 million rotational cycles. With highly customizable widgets, the Touch EncoderTM has the versatility to fit into a myriad of user interface applications such as aerospace, automation, robotics, and marine. 

Mechanical encoders combine the feel of our rotary switches with a digital output. They provide an economical way of obtaining octal, binary-coded decimal, hexadecimal, and gray code output from a rotary switch. Standard products include offerings with concentric shafts, isolated positions, and adjustable stops. 

Grayhill specializes in optical encoders with optional joysticks and pushbuttons that provide outstanding haptic feedback to the user. The most significant advantage of optical encoders is their non-contact switching technology, resulting in exceptionally high operational life. Although the end product may vary, typical applications measure speed, distance, and/or rotational angle. 

Hall-effect technology provides contactless operation, facilitating a long operational life. The sensor magnetically detects the position of another moving part, such as the shaft in a joystick or encoder. This relational position can be outputted from the device in various formats, including I2C, open collector, or push-pull output. Hall-effect technology has the advantage of working in low-voltage applications and often features a sleep mode to conserve power.

Joystick Controls

Grayhill’s Discrete Joysticks have been proven as a rugged solution for countless applications. They employ a wide variety of contact mechanisms, circuitry, mounting, and termination options. We can also offer custom actuation force and travel distance or custom termination and cabling options.

Our NavCodersTM are a unique interface device for navigating through on-screen software. Grayhill offers 4-way or 8-way directional control to navigate menu options, a center pushbutton for selecting menu options, and rotational control for scrolling through options or adjusting settings. 

These compact joysticks can provide precise cursor control where other pointing devices are impractical. Other applications include CNC positioning, industrial/robotic control, and work vehicles/aerial platforms.

Push Controls

Grayhill offers a complete line of customizable keypads. Standard configurations include sealed rubber keypads, vandal-resistant metallic construction, and low-profile or full-travel actuation keypads. Switching technologies include conductive rubber and metal dome contacts. Outputs include switch outputs, matrix output, and single pole common bus. 

Pushbutton switches are proven rugged solutions for countless applications. Grayhill's pushbuttons employ a variety of contact mechanisms, circuitry, mounting, and termination options. With such a wide assortment, finding one that meets your requirements is easy. If you require customization, we can offer custom actuation force and travel distance or custom termination and cabling options. 

Tact switches are momentary pushbuttons designed for cost-effective user interface switching. They are mounted to a printed circuit board and typically actuated by a decorative keycap. The ultra-miniature and lightweight structure of these tact switches makes them suitable for high-density mounting.

Vehicle Controls

Grayhill's 3D Series CAN Bus Displays are built for the rugged conditions and harsh environments common in agriculture, construction, and mining vehicles. All displays in the 3D Series undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the ISO and ANSI specifications, such as environmental seal, temperature range, and electrical conditions. 

Grayhill's second generation CAN Bus Keypads Plus offer a low-profile snap-in mounting scheme, wide viewing angle LED indicators, built-in diagnostics capabilities, and two I/O pins (except for 6-button variants). The legends on this keypad will exceed the stringent off-highway requirements for abrasion, UV, and chemical resistance. Grayhill's legacy CAN Bus Keypads are available with J1939 or CANopen protocol to integrate onboard vehicle electronic systems seamlessly. Their sealed and compact construction makes them ideal for agriculture, construction, and mining vehicles. They communicate with any of the 3D Series CAN Bus Displays. Keypads are available in various form factors (6, 8, 12, and 15-button), supporting both the J1939 and CANopen protocols. These IP67-sealed keypads can have customized artwork and LED backlight/indicator colors. 

Grayhill's second generation Vehicle Interface Controllers Plus (VICs) are well-suited for ISO 13849 safety-rated vehicles. They feature self-diagnostic functions, supply voltage monitoring, indicator ""LED On"" verification, and button malfunction detection. These controllers require just a simple front mount and snap-in installation. The legacy Vehicle Interface Controller is an operator interface device for onboard software. The controller features an optical rotary encoder for scrolling through menu options and a center Pushbutton for selecting options.

DIP Switches

Grayhill is a world leader in DIP switch technology. A spring and ball contact system on select series achieves consistent high contact pressure. Other features include a standard base seal and optional top-tape seal, and it can also come in tape and reel packaging.

Control Products

Grayhill offers I/O modules in industry-standard mini, standard, and G5 sizes. Grayhill also offers its unique open-line style I/O module that offers two input/output points per snap-in module. This saves space and offers quick and tool-free assembly and modification.

Grayhill's I/O racks are available in industry standard size and a miniature footprint size to save panel space.